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Just who is Coach Aldo?


Having no idea just how it would shape the rest of his life, Aldo De La Garza picked up his first weight in the 4th grade.  From there a love for strength, health and football shaped the rest of Aldo's life.


A star player at New Braunfels High School, Aldo won almost every award possible for a high school athlete and was nationally recognized by the time he graduated.  As a result of De La Garza's will and determination he was awarded a full scholarship playing Football for Texas A&M University.


After 3 years playing professional football in Germany and Canada Aldo returned to New Braunfels to pursue his dream of working with and helping the youth in and around his hometown.  Joining the local school district in 2008, Aldo began working with New Braunfel's at-risk youth showing them what determination and dedication could do in their lives.  This work further cemented a desire in Aldo to expand his work with not only kids, but also adults looking to better themselves and in 2009 Coach Aldo's Gym was born.


Since 2009 Coach Aldo has dedicated his life to giving others the opportunities he worked so hard for.  Coach Aldo currently trains athletes at school districts from Austin to San Antonio, multiple college level athletes in the area as well many adults and children.  Currently Aldo's youngest client is 7 years old and his oldest is 83!


Coach Aldo De Le Garza has spent the past 8 years developing and perfecting the De La Garza Training Method.  Coach Aldo's ultimate goal was to create a training method that allows him to use his base training plan and individualize it for every one of his clients around their age, athletic ability and long term goals.

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