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De La Garza Training Method


Coach Aldo has spent years developing the De La Garza Training Method in order to provide first in class training individualized for each of his clients.  Each of Coach's clients has gone through a full fitness assessment to determine their current physical level and define their long term fitness goals.  Using this assessment Coach is able to identify the program that will work best for each client and provide maximum results.


Please follow the links below to learn more about all the different programs available using the De La Garza Training Method.

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Coach Aldo offers training programs for kids from age 7 to 18.  With workouts geared to what youth, Junior High and High School athletes need, there is a program available to help your young athlete succeed.


Coach Aldo recognizes that confidence and conviction are just as important and speed and strength so he focuses on building his kids up and ensuring they believe fully in themselves and their abilities.

Coach Aldo has created training programs for his adult clients centered around general health and well-being.  After thoroughly assessing your current health and fitness level and discussing any existing health concerns Coach Aldo will assist you in defining your goals and develop a training schedule to get you to that goal.


And in the interest of full family health, Coach Aldo always recommends involving your children and will develop programs for them as well - based on their ages, current status and goals.

Coach Aldo offers training programs designed specifically for advanced and elite athletes.  As an elite athlete himself, Coach Aldo knows the dedication and devotion required to develop and maintain status as an Elite Athlete.


Coach Aldo will develop a personalized program specifically designed to help you achieve your goals.

Coach Aldo has developed the DeLaGarza Training Method so that it can be tailored to suit any client with any needs.


Whether you have physical limitations that need to be addressed, are an older and wiser "silver" athlete or are a home school student working to satisfy physical education credits - Coach can tailor a program just for you.


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