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Why Coach Aldo's is Right for You...


At Coach Aldo's gym there are no televisions, no futuristic equipment, no fancy machines or big attitude. Our goal is to provide our clients with a safe and non-threatening place to train and get better.


Our goal is for clients to reach his or her goals as quickly as possible while building confidence and dedication.  Our clients range in age from 8 to 74 and come in all shapes and sizes.

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Coach Aldo has trained numerous athletes from almost every sport - Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Track and Field, Fighters, Wrestlers, Swimmers and many more. 





While client results speak volumes about how successful Coach Aldo's athletes are - his clients themselves can't help but sing his praises.

Success Stories


No matter your goal - get bigger - get smaller, get stronger - get faster, get healthier - get happier....Coach Aldo can get you there and can introduce you to one of his athletes who probably started about where you are and with his help reached their goal.

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