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How important is off-season training?

The school year is wrapping up and summer break is right round the corner! What does this mean for all of you athletes? Off-Season training! Off-Season is a period of time when an athlete is not actively participating competitively in their sport. Champions are made in the Off-Season. One of the greatest challenges for most young athletes is maintaining year-round fitness. To prepare for a successful season you have to train during the summer months and continuously better yourself. During times you are not actively competing in sports you should be competing with yourself to become a better athlete - faster, stronger, more focused and more determined. The more you sweat in times of peace, the less you bleed in times of war. Our off-season training focuses on improving fundamental movement patterns and general strength and conditioning. This should be the bulk of your work during the off-season and provides you with a strong base to grow from. Jumping, landing, decelerating, squatting, hinging the hip and pushing and pulling are all fundamental movement patterns that improve overall athleticism. Working on your conditioning in the off-season should center around the aerobic system to provide a base for the intense demands of the preseason and competitive season. With improved strength you will become faster, jump higher and throw harder. All of these qualities are built in the off-season so you can unleash them during the competitive season! Let's stay ahead of the game this Off-Season!

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